Maxim Cake’s Disney Character Cup Dessert

Maxim Cake has this promotion of having a dessert, jelly or cake filled in a Disney Character cup. I first saw the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck two weeks ago when I was in Hong Kong but now I couldn’t track down the Mickey and Donald but saw two new ones. To avoid disappointment, I went to get both before it was gone.

Disney Character Cups Dessert
Disney Character Cups Dessert

The three-eyed monster is a Tiramisu cup. I was a little disappointed when I saw the presentation as there wasn’t chocolate dusting.

Three-eyed Monster, Tiramisu
Three-eyed Monster, Tiramisu

The presentation of the pink bear, I don’t know the name of the character is a Strawberry Jelly Cup has a similar presentation. I was too anxious to stomach it so forgot to take a photo 😛

The list of Maxim Cake Shop, click here.


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