Bon Bon Cafe At Tai Kok Tsui, Delicious and Friendly Service

Bon Bon Cafe, better known by its Chinese name 车品品 at Tai Kok Tsui is a small cafe that does not have much seats and more than often not, you will need to be in the queue for seats. I was there with my colleagues on a heavily raining night. Though there isn’t any queue, it was full house so we still got to wait but not for long.

The cafe serves a few dishes, mainly the dumpling with or without noodles, “shark fin” soup, Hong Kong Cart Noodles, Century Eggs and etc.

There are three different menu sheets on the tables. Tick whatever you want and when done bring it to the counter and queue your order.


We ordered a century egg with sugar and vinegar but forgotten to take a picture. It was good.

The dumpling has a soft dumpling skin. The filing was pretty good. You could choose either the 8s or 4s.

Hong Kong Cart Noodles
Hong Kong Cart Noodles

Our order of the Hong Kong Cart Noodle was a medium portion but it wasn’t as much as I thought it would be. We ordered a number ingredients for the noodles such as braised egg, intestine, beef brisket, fish ball and crab meat. All were delish. The beef brisket is a little on the sweet side. If it could be a little less sweet, it would have been perfect.

"Shark Fins" Soup
“Shark Fins” Soup

The “shark fin” was ok, not great. If you like starchy soup, you would probably enjoy this.

Cooling Chinese Tea
Cooling Chinese Tea

I have the Hawthorn Drink while one other colleague have the what I called Cooling Chinese Tea, a bit bitter. The Hawthorn Drink was good. It has a great balance of sweetish and sourish.

As we find that the food portion was small, we ordered two more dishes the second round. We have another type of “shark fins” which we find it tasted pretty much the same like the first we have.

Noodles with special Oyster Sauce
Noodles with special Oyster Sauce

We also have a Noodles tossed in special Oyster Sauce. We didn’t like it as the sauce has a pretty strong fishy taste.

As we were digging in the noodles, I recalled about the preserved vegetables offered by the cafe. We added it into the noodles and it kinda got rid of the fishiness as it was very spicy. My colleagues enjoyed eating it this way. Very soon, they finished the remaining noodles. I left my portion untouched.

Overall, Bon Bon Cafe is a great cafe serving some delicious Hong Kong food. The lady owner is very friendly and warm too. And they have a kitty, she is very cute too. I highly suggest all to try.


Bon Bon Cafe
92 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui
Tel: +852 2180 9655

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday 1400 to 1600, 1830 to 2330; Saturday – Sunday 1400 to 1700, 1900 to 2330; Closed on Mondays

Getting There

By MTR: Olympian City (Exit B)


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