Tapaz, Modern Spanish Restaurant, At Langham Place Mall, Mongkok

Once again, it was a late night dinner so we decided to have dinner at Tapaz, Modern Spanish Restaurant at Langham Place Mall at Level 13 which is near the office cum hotel so that we could go back and have a good rest as soon as we finished dinner.

Tapaz Modern Spanish Restaurant
Tapaz Modern Spanish Restaurant

We agreed unanimously to dine at Tapaz. Since it is a Spanish restaurant, they serve tapas, paella and they also have pasta, desserts and a wide variety of especially acoholic beverages. They have listed their Chef Specialty as well.

Chef Specialties Menu
Chef Specialties Menu

I decided the food for the dinner with the agreement from the rest. We have the Smoked Salmon and Citrus Fruit Salad. It was with Spinach leaves as the green based. I personally feel that the portion of Smoked Salmon versus the green is a little unbalance. The smoked salmon was a too little. It tasted very green with only some, I guess olive oil dressing, though the citrus fruit suppose to add some flavour to the salad. But as the citrus fruit was too sour.

Smoked Salmon and Citrus Fruit Salad
Smoked Salmon and Citrus Fruit Salad

There should be three tapas but they missed out the third so we ended up with only two tapas. We have the spicy meatball. There were five, one each, just enough for everyone. The meatball was flavourful but was a little too salty.

The second tapas was the crab croquette with aioli sauce. This was good. The whole croquette was with mainly crab meat and it was fresh. The best part, there wasn’t any fishy taste. I was glad.

We have two mains, a Seafood Paella and a Seafood Linguine. Both were great. The Seafood Paella has a good seafood flavour in the rice. The pity was the rice at the base of the pan was a little burnt. The prawn was huge and the mussel was in a reasonable size.

While the Seafood Linguine has a moderate tomato sauce based, not too strong. That was great. And the linguine was Al Dente.

As always, I need dessert to end my meal. What we ordered were mainly not our first choice. As they were not available, I just went ahead to order whatever was available. Among the three desserts, the best went to the Chocolate Pudding and next was the Banana Split and the least delish or rather the worst was Tiramisu. The Chocolate Pudding is like a chocolate cake with good amount of dark chocolaty flavour and a soft and melt in the mouth texture. The Banana Split was pretty standard ice creaam fare. I didn’t like the Tiramisu at all. It has a good Cheese Cream but the sponge cake was not soaked in alcohol and coffee. The Tiramisu tasted only sweet and nothing else.

Tapaz restaurant perched on the highest floor of the mall with a high ceiling is pretty comfortable and has a nice ambience. The food whipped in their restaurant is above average though one of the dessert missed the mark. A great restaurant to spending time chit chatting with friends over cocktail and tapaz.


Shop 3, 13/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
Tel: +852 3427 9933

Opening Hours

Daily 1130 to 2230

Getting There

By MTR: Mongkok (Exit E1 or C2)

Rating: 8/10


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