Noble Desserts At Tai Kok Tsui

Noble Desserts is at Tai Kok Tsui, along Ivy Street with neighbours such as Bon Bon Cafe and Black and White (another dessert cafe).

There are so many desserts shop in Hong Kong and yet every single one is as crowded.

I suppose that the cafe is trying to create an elegant, classy, noble feel in the cafe from the ornaments they placed in the cafe but somehow they did not achieve this effect. I don’t get that feel at all. Neither am I saying that it is not comfy or whatsoever.

Noble -

Like most dessert cafe, they have a very wide range of desserts offered. There are traditional kind, the shaved ice, mango dessers and etc etc.

I went to the cafe with 2 other lovely ladies and a gentleman so we ordered three different desserts to share chosen by ladies.

Durian Princess
Durian Princess

We started with the Durian Princess as this was first served. There was quite some durian puree. We love these durian puree. Some jelly cubes were added to provide an additional texture to the dish and what we didn’t like about this dessert is the what I called the “durian syrup”. It was some diluted durian liquid with lots of sugar. It was far too sweet. We didn’t like the “durian syrup”.

Love of the City
Love of the City

The “Love of the City” was the second dish served. It has a chocolate pudding, a scoop of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and banana. This combination will never go wrong. Both the pudding and ice cream has a good amount of chocolate, just enough to create a good flavour and not too rich. It was good though not excellent as there wasn’t much surprises in this dish. The presentation was mediocre.

Angel Heart
Angel Heart

Finally, the “Angel Heart” was served. It is a Millefeuille. Three huge puffy layer stuffed with whipped cream and Mango. It was pleasant, considerably good and again not excellent. There wasn’t any wow factor created.

Noble Dessert is a pretty comfy nice dessert cafe to go in group or alone, serving pleasantly decent desserts.


Noble Desserts
G/F, 98 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui
Tel: +852 2787 1638

Opening Hours

Daily 1300 to 0100

Getting There

By MTR: Olympic (Exit B or C)

Rating: 6.5/10


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