Caffè Greco At Marco Polo Arcade, Tsim Sha Tsui

Caffe Greco is located at a corner of Lane Crawford at the Marco Polo Hotel Arcade of Harbour city. It has a European contemporary design with wooden-finished. It created some rustic feel but yet soothing. With the flowers as the center piece added a homey feel to the touch.


The cafe serve mainly light bites, selective desserts with a good range of tea and of course coffee. As I was there to catch a rest, to rest my tire leg from the intense shopping in the huge Harbour City shopping mall that I have earlier so I didn’t order anything heavy.

My Tea, Earl Grey Tea & Lemon Square
My Tea, Earl Grey Tea & Lemon Square

Instead I ordered a pot of Earl Grey Tea, instead of coffee as I already have 2 cups earlier. And a lemon square. The Earl Grey Tea was decent with good amount of tea and bergamot  orange flavour. As for the lemon square. I think it could be better. The base was made up of meshed biscuits, something similar to the digestive biscuit with quite some sugar added in the mixture. I suppose they wanted the sweetness from the base to blend with the sourness of the lemon curd. It was a shame that it didn’t create that effect, instead it gave a distinctive flavour on its own. Moreover, the biscuit was too sweet. The lemon curd didn’t taste as good as it looks either.

Caffè Greco, nevertheless is a lovely, comfy cafe to spend time at. Perhaps other food might be better. I like the ambience and coziness. 


Caffè Greco

Shop MPHK, 3/F, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2110 4868

Opening Hours

Daily 1000 to 2200

Getting There

By MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui or Star Ferry

Rating: 7/10


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