Sister Wah Beef Brisket At Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Sister Wah Beef Brisket, located at Tin Hau is extremely closed to the MTR Exit, conveniently located, accessible to patrons.

The shop is pretty simple with no fanciful design. They provide simple tables and stools for diners. Like typical Hong Kong restaurants, the tables and stools are very closed to each other. It is definitely not a place to enjoy the food and chit chat but finish your food as soon as you can.

They have a simple menu with a pretty good variety. There are some side dishes for sharing and their signature dishes are beef brisket in a flavourful soup based with rice or noodles or with curry beef brisket and enjoyed it with dry noodles or with rice. They have different selection of noodles. If you don’t like beef brisket, you can choose the fish ball, squid ball or meat ball too or even wonton and chicken wings.

Beef Brisket Rice Noodle
Beef Brisket Rice Noodle

The soup is light with a flavourful sweetness note. The beef brisket is tender though the stripe was thick. As for the rice noodle, nothing notable. After eating so much of rich food, it’s great to turn to such light soupy dishes. A comfort food. Since it is near Causeway Bay, it is a good option to dine here after the fruitful shopping.


Sister Wah 華姐清湯腩
G/F, 13A Electric Road, Tin Hau
Tel: +852 2807 0181

Opening Hours

Daily 1100 to 2300

Getting There

By MTR – Tin Hau (Exit A2)

Rating: 8.5/10


For all outlets, click here.

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