Oolaa Cafe At Soho Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Oolaa Cafe is located at Soho, Shueng Wan, right beside PMQ. For those who know PMQ, this helps. It has a classic, modern design in the cafe. All the chairs are cushy kind. So it is really comfortable sitting there for long, chatting with friends.


They serve lots of standard breakfast fare and something different like Bruschetta, Rosti, Burrito and Pizza for breakfast too. The food is at a pricey tag.

Breakfast Menu
Breakfast Menu

I ordered 2 Eggs any style (with white toast). Something really simple as I wanted my banana bread. I asked for sunny side-up. My favourite kind.

The eggs were good as the yolk were still runny. I like it this way best. The bread, nothing noteable. Simple white bread that is soft and fluffy. Butter was served as well. I was hoping for jam as well. I like the green, rockets, that are by the side.

2 Eggs Any Style
2 Eggs Any Style

My favourite Banana Bread. I could only use the word decent to describe its Banana Bread. It could have been better. Somehow the Banana Bread though I tasted and see lots of Banana fibre, somehow it is lacking in some fragrance. I couldn’t identify what it was.

Banana Bread
Banana Bread

The coffee likewise is decent. It has a light body, medium acidity.

My Coffee, Cappuccino
My Coffee, Cappuccino

For the ambience, yes, this is definitely a place to be in. It serves pretty decent food but at a higher price. Oolaa provides free WiFi too. So for a trade off, not a bad choice nevertheless.


Oolaa Cafe
G/F, Centre Stage, Bridges Street, Soho, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 2803 2083


Opening Hours

Daily 0730 to 0200

Getting There

By MTR – Sheung Wan

Rating: 7.5/10

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