Whale & Cloud At Back Alley of Niven Road [Temporary Closed]

Whale & Cloud Cafe has now become an open secret. I was attracted by its unique operating mechanism. After my hectic travelling schedule came to a rest, I finally found my chance to pay them a visit.

I alight at the Selegie Centre Bus Stop and walked towards Mackenzie Road

Getting There from Selegie Centre Bus Stop
Getting There from Selegie Centre Bus Stop

Turn left into Mackenzie Road and I spotted Rex Cinema on my right and a yellow building right ahead of me.

Rex Cinema and the yellow building
Rex Cinema and the yellow building

In front of the yellow building is a lane, apparently vehicle does drive into this back alley so got to be careful. Turn left and look ahead, you will probably spot some people walking towards the cafe and a queue.

The Back Alley of Niven Road
The Back Alley of Niven Road

When I reached the door step, fifteen minutes before the opening hours, there were about twelve people ahead of me. With “48 3/4 written on the door post, one can’t help but associate it with Harry Potter. 10 minutes before the opening time, one of the” host”, opened the door to welcome the “guests”.

The owner opened the door
The owner opened the door

The outside and inside of the cafe are world apart. There indeed a feel of the whimsical world of Harry Potter. The cafe was homely though extremely tiny. There are seats for about twelve.


The Barrista got a corner of her own to work.

Barrista's Corner
Barrista’s Corner

It was wonderfully decorated with lots of cute, pretty ornaments. I like the glass ceiling which allows natural sunshine to shine through.

They kept the food and coffee very simple with only cold brew (black), hot white or black coffee and three types of cake. The hot coffee and cakes were $6 per serving. Can’t recall for the cold.

Cakes Available
Cakes Available

I have a Strawberry Earl Grey Cake and a White coffee. Each hot coffee comes with a few of the old school biscuits. The coffee beans they used on the Saturday I visited was from Blue Bottle, if I hear correctly. The cake has a smooth soft texture. It wasn’t the fluffy sponge kind. It has butter cream and a sandwich of strawberry cream. A lovely creation. It would have been better if the Earl Grey could be a little strong in the cake. Coffee wise was good. A medium to light body with low acidity, very nutty hint.

My Order, Strawberry Earl Grey Cake and White Coffee
My Order, Strawberry Earl Grey Cake and White Coffee

I was the thirteenth guest so I said on this cute Elephant. Thanks Dude for your back.

As I was curious of what’s the front facade looked like so went to the front of 48 Niven Road and took a snap (of its 如山真面目).

Whale & Cloud -

It was a wonderful warm experience visiting Whale & Cloud. The look of the cafe is a cosy little place but it is definitely not a cafe for one or a group of friends to spend time at. It is definitely a cafe you need to visit once in your life time.


Whale & Cloud
48 3/4 Niven Road (Back Alley of Niven Road)

Opening Hours

Various – Check their Instagram account before popping by

Getting There

By MRT: Northeast line – Little India station

By Bus:
– alight at Little India station along Bukit Timah Road – 48, 56, 57, 66, 67, (131) 166, 170, 851, 960,980
-alight at Selegie Centre – 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 857

Rating: 8.5/10


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