FIX Cafe At Home Team NS-JOM SPANS Clubhouse, Balestier

Fix Cafe located within the premise of the Home Team NS-JOM Spans Clubhouse at Balestier is by the poolside. It has quite a good view of the pool. I was there with my cousin so that was good. I could order a little more than usual. LOL.


One of the highlight in Fix Cafe is the Naanwich, basically is a sandwich using Naan bread. Others include mains like Fish & Chips, Gratin and Quiche. There are starters, soup and cakes as well. For drinks, beside the usual coffee and tea (Clippers Tea), you can find Milkshakes too. They have set lunch where you get a main and a drink.

Chicken Tikka Naanwiches with Nachos
Chicken Tikka Naanwiches with Nachos

We ordered the Chicken Tikka Naanwich. The ingredients in the Naanwich were Chicken Tikka and some Chinese Preserved Vegetables (Achar). We find it very appetising due to the sweet and sour taste from the preserved vegetables. We felt that the Chicken Tikka tasted like Butter Chicken.

Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips were average. At least, there was potato taste in the shoe string fries.

Donut with Lemon Curd Dip
Donut with Lemon Curd Dip

We ordered the Donut too. I was interested to try it with Salted Egg Dip but my cousin wasn’t game for it. So instead, it was Lemon Curd dip. We like the dip but not the donut. The donut did not have a good usual donut fragrance and it was a little too chewy. The lemon curd dip has a good tangy lemon taste that has a good balance of sweet and sourish taste too.

Since milkshake was something not usually found in cafe and there was a lemon curd milkshake on the menu, something really unusual, we decided to try it. The Lemond Curd Milkshake was like drink some liquid dessert, pretty interesting. We enjoyed it.

Fix Cafe is a nice quiet cafe but it gets quite noisy when rain as the rain spatted into the pool of water creating what I would call noise. We experienced that as we were there on a rainy day. It serve some interesting food and drink, good for some change.


31 Ah Hood Rd, HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse Singapore 329979
Tel: +65 6256 1484


Opening Hours

Daily 0930 to 2100

Getting There

By Bus: alight after or opposite Mouliem CC along Balestier Road – 21, 130, 131, 145, 186

By MRT: North-South line – Toa Payoh station

Rating: 7/10


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