La’Coffee @ Rangoon 88 Serves Traditional Coffee (Re-branded)

la’Coffee is now Tamper & Co at the same location.

la’Coffee located at the ground floor of Rangoon 88, with Old Hen as neighbour, specialises in traditional coffee and this aroused my interest so I made a trip to the cafe to check it out.


The cafe has a modern industrial design, simple and sleek.

Drink Menu
Drink Menu

Besides the traditional coffee, there are both the traditional old school goodies like kaya toast, chee cheong fun, some Asian and Western fare, quite a good mix of variety but they don’t have the Espresso based coffee as an alternative.

My Order, Earl Grey Cake & Kopi-C
My Order, Earl Grey Cake & Kopi-C

After browsing the menu and gazing at the cake that were on the display, I ordered a Kopi-C and the Earl Grey Cake. Moreover the cake was recommended by the crew.

My Bill
My Bill

I was extremely disappointed with my order. It was overly priced. At $3.50 per cup of kopi-c?! And the food was poor. The kopi was heavily c, with evaporated milk and it was only lukewarm. I have asked the crew to top up with more kopi twice. On the second time, I even asked the crew to pour away at least half a cup of kopi before topping it up. None of the top increased the temperature of the drink.

The Earl Grey Cake was warmed up by the crew. Though it has a good Earl Grey flavour, the crust was hard and chewy while it was warm. It turned into a rock when cold. I couldn’t set my teeth on the cake.

My whole experience? I feel that I wasted my money for nothing. I felt like I have thrown $8.50 into the drain. Extremely upset. đŸ˜¦

The concept behind la’coffee was good but it was poorly executed. They certainly have to re-strategize the whole plan.


88 Rangoon Road, Rangoon 88, #01-02 Singapore 218374

Tel: +65 6341 7525

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday 0730 to 2230; Friday – Saturday 0900 to 0100

Getting There

By MRT: North-East line – Farrer Park station

Rating: 5/10


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