Little Wimbly Lu At My Village In Serangoon Gardens

I have long heard about the wonderful waffles from Wimbly Lu but it is a little out of the way so have been dragging my feet. With the opening of Little Wimbly Lu at MyVillage, a little more convenient as it is nearer to a bus stop so I decided to pop by with my brother, who also loves waffle.

The cafe is rather small but they have more seats both outdoor and some seats within the mall that are indoor. in the cafe, there are two high tables in the centre and some normal height table and chairs by a glass panel.

Waffles with Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Strawberry and Salted Caramel
Waffles with Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Strawberry and Salted Caramel

We wanted to the waffles so much till we were there before we have our lunch and we were very focused and we ordered only waffles with ice cream. The waffles were light, airy, fluffy and with a gold crispy as the outer coat. We agree that this is the kinda perfect waffle. The size of half the usual size is a great portion for one; for those solo cafe goer, won’t have to waste food. We have a scoop of strawberry, my brother’s favourite, the cheesecake and the salted caramel. The ice cream has a pretty strong flavour, not the lightly flavoured kind and the sweetness level was acceptable to me. Overall, pretty delish.


Little Wimbly Lu serves mainly dessert. You won’t find any mains except for some toasties, unless you recognise these as mains. And of course some drinks too. We will surely return for this excellent waffles. I am already craving for it.


Little Wimbly Lu
1 Maju Avenue, MyVillage, #01-09/10 Singapore 556679


Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday 1100 to 2300; Friday – Saturday 11000 to 0100;

Getting There

By Bus: alight at Serangoon Garden Circus – 73, 136, 315, 317

Rating: 8/10


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