TwoMen Bagel House At Icon Village in Tanjong Pagar

TwoMen Bagel House is located in the new extension of Icon Village. As the named suggested it is a shop specialises in Bagel and my guess is that it is opened by two gentlemen. I believe this is first of its kind in Singapore. The first time I saw a bagel shop was in the US about ten years ago. I was so glad that finally such a concept is setup in Singapore as I am a bagel fan. Most of the bagel I find in Singapore weren’t freshly baked but theirs are.

Counter for Order and Collection
Counter for Order and Collection

Their menu revolves around bagel. You can have it plain or with schmears or the savory. I was informed by one of the crew that the savory bagels is very filling though I would love to have one with the Cured Salmon. I was recommended the Lox & Dill Cream Cheese which I very quickly decided to go along as I like cream cheese. I always like my bagel with cream cheese. There were plain or white & sesame bage to choose from and I opted for the sesame one. And I won’t forget to have it with a cappuccino.

TwoMen Bagel House's Menu
TwoMen Bagel House’s Menu

I never like to dine in using disposable plates and cup. When I saw the presentation, I was a little upset. But beyond the look, the bagel was excellent. It was fresh, soft with a touch of chewiness. The cream cheese was mixed with some cured salmon bites and dill which was an awesome idea. Something which I didn’t expect, I could have the best of both world. One little shortcoming was the sesame kept dropping off from the bagel since they started handling the bagel. When it reached the table, I could hardly see any sesame seeds left. I wonder if they could mix the sesame seeds into the dough, instead of having it on the top. This I believe would retain the sesame. Alternatively, maybe it would be a good idea to sprinkle the sesame on the cheese spread.

The coffee was decent. It was a medium bodies, low acidity and low aroma with notes of bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate and hint of citrus fruit.

My Order, Lox and Dill Cream Cheese Bagel and Cappuccino
My Order, Lox and Dill Cream Cheese Bagel and Cappuccino

My final thoughts? I will return for the fresh bagel.

TwoMen Bagel House
16 Enggor Street, Icon Village Altez #01-12 Singapore 079717
Tel: +65 6509 4125


Opening Hours

Daily 0800 to 2000

Getting There

By MRT: North-South Line -Tanjong Pagar station

By Bus: alight at the bus stop either before Wallich Road or after Craig Road – 80, 145

Rating: 7.5/10


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