Dutch Colony Coffee On Frankel Avenue

After being forced to stay at home, after brunch at Two Bakers, due to the haze on Monday, a Public Holiday in lieu of Hari Raya, I was longing to go out so I decided to travel all the way to the East, to Frankel Avenue, for breakfast, at Dutch Colony Coffee, the next day since I wasn’t working.

When I was at the doorstep of Dutch Colony Coffee, it looks like it is on the dark side due to the black colour theme on the front, plus the dark cemented floor, bronze tiles at the counters and dark brown furniture in the cafe. And also the orange dim lighting. When I stepped into the cafe and walked further in, I notice the warm sunlight that entered the cafe through the top glass panel. I like such natural light penetrating indoor.


I took hold of a menu and was looking for something a little heavy but they offer only sourdough or croissant on their sandwiches. I wanted neither that day. So at the end, I turned to my favourite Banana Bread.

Dutch Colony Coffee is one of the not so usual cafe that offer other than the espresso based coffee. They have brewed coffee using various method. I will try these the next time.

The Banana Bread has a lighter flavour with a sweetish and sourish hint. What I like about the Banana Bread is that I could see and bit the banana pieces in the bread. Instead of regular butter, they provided espresso butter. I didn’t find that it enhanced the taste of the Banana Bread. No difference. I suppose that’s because I didn’t spread enough butter on the bread. Dutch Colony Coffee is ever good. It is nutty. It is chocolaty. I like such flavour notes.

Dutch Colony Coffee on Frankel is a pretty good cafe for hanging around. Seating at one of table, sipping coffee, browsing the internet or simply relax and rest.

Dutch Colony Coffee
113 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458230
Tel: +65-6448-5852.


Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday 0800 to 2000; Friday – Saturday 0800 to 2200

Getting There

By Bus:
– alight after Siglap Drive or before Roseburn Ave along Frankel Avenue – 32
– alight after Dunbar Walk, after Jalan Buloh Perindu or after Silap Rd along East Coast Road – 10, 10e, 12, 14, 14e, 40, 155

Rating: 7/10


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