Savis Food, Design Your Own Pasta, At Beach Road

Savis Food though it may be an unassuming store at a not so glamorous place, in a Hawker Centre, it certainly serves delicious authentic Pasta with a Fusion twist. What more, the price is at a fraction of your usual pasta found in the various cafe and restaurant.

Store, Order Counter
Store, Order Counter

The shop has a mixed and match menu for diners to customise their own pasta. I like the idea so that I could have the best or rather my favourite ingredients in the pasta. How it works is that, first go to the order side of the shop and start choosing the prefer type of pasta, next the pasta based. Finally the vegetable and/or the meat which include seafood. Lastly, if you prefer, you can add Truffle and Caviar into your pasta. And not forgetting the spiciness level can also be customised to your preference. There are four levels.

As it is self service collection, the crew will inform you of the approximate collection time. Come back to the shop but this time proceed to the collection “counter”, adjacent to the order “counter”.


I have spaghetti since linguine was not available. For the pasta base, I have the Creamy Tom Yum with little spiciness. They add chilli padi to spice up the dish. And for meat, I choose the chicken which is a huge piece of Chicken Chop. For $6.50, what a generous portion.

Creamy Tom Yum with Chicken Chop
Creamy Tom Yum with Chicken Chop

The Creamy Tom Yum Pasta was hot and spicy and sourish, very appetising. I like the Chicken Chop. It was amazingly flavourful. Even the presentation was so professional, comparable to the restaurant standard.

Savis Food is certainly a store great for a pasta meal when you don’t mind the heat.

Savis Food
Golden Mile Food Center, Block 505 Beach Road #B1-45 Singapore 199583
Tel: +65 8118 4511


Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 1130 to 2130; Closed on Sundays

Getting There

By Bus: alight at or opposite Golden Mile Complex along Beach Road – 100

Rating: 8/10


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