Pick Me Up Cafe At Parkland @ ECP

PickMeUp Cafe, at East Coast Park, is at the newly built Parkland which was occupied previously by a golf driving range. If you still have no idea where it is, along the East Coast Service Road, look for Parkway Parade which is acrossed the ECP expressway and you should be able to locate it easily.

Exterior Overview
Exterior Overview

I was there with my brother on a Saturday night and maybe it was still a pretty new place so it was still quite quiet. There were ample parking lots available.

Interior Overview
Interior Overview

On the exterior of the cafe, the design resemble a garden on one side and on the other side, it was a little playground for kids; while the interior was modern, sleek and simple, pretty spacious.

The menu in PickMeUp Cafe revolves around ice cream and waffles (both sweet and savoury). There are some bread on the counter as well.

Single Scoop of Coffee Crunch with Museli topping
Single Scoop of Coffee Crunch with Museli topping

We tried various flavour and finally settled for a coffee crunch, single scoop. I was surprised to know that the ice cream comes with a topping. I choose museli.

The Manuka Waffle
The Manuka Waffle

There are three different types of waffles, the usual buttermilk, peanut butter and miso waffle. I was keen to try the Miso Waffle but my brother usually resist such usual flavour. So we went ahead to get The Manuka which has a buttermilk waffle, a Greek Yoghurt Gelato, and various toppings. I requested to replace it with a scoop of Strawberry Yoghurt Gelato and they agreed. I like such flexibility.

The waffle has a crispy edge and a fluffy pancake like texture, not the eggy or buttery kind. It was decent. We find that their fruity flavour ice cream fare so much better than the non-fruity ones. The other flavour which my brother like it during the trying was the Honey Melon.

It is a nice addition for a cooling treat after activities at the park. A nice cosy cafe to rest and relax before going home.

PickMeUp Cafe
Parkland @ ECP | Blk 1A Unit 02, 920 East Coast Parkway #01-02 Singapore 449875
Tel: +65 6348 1909

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday 1000 to 2200; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 2200; Closed on Mondays

Getting There

By Bus: alight opposite Singa Inn along East Coast Park Service Road  – 401


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