Bucktile St Cafe In Faberhills Apartment Along Faber Drive

Bucktile St Cafe is cloistered in a landed property estate. The cafe is at the ground floor of Faberhills Apartment along Faber Drive and it is next to the AYE. According to the cafe, the name is an anagram derived from Bucket List.

I didn’t find it difficult to get there. Pretty accessible from the AYE bus stop, within 5 minutes of walk I arrived at the cafe.

Faberhills Apartment
Faberhills Apartment

The cafe offers beyond pastries and cakes. The menu is almost 20 pages thick though it is at A3 size, printed only on 1 side with only words and no photos.  I think it is too complicated. If you are keen to view their menu, click here.


The cafe is very much simple. I like to think of it as some European, some vintage mixed, a little like a home too. You can view more of the cafe via Bucktile St’s Instagram account @bucktile.st. It has a pretty big space, definitely good for group hangout.

Part of the Cafe
Part of the Cafe

I was at the cafe for tea, after lunch so planning to have cakes and coffee. There was quite some selection over the display counter with cakes like Carrot Cakes, Blue Velvet Cakes, (I like the vibrant blue colour), Earl Grey Cakes, Rainbow Cakes and a few more which I can’t remember.

Earl Grey Cake
Earl Grey Cake

After much contemplation, as all the cakes look so enticing, I ordered an Earl Grey Cake and a Cappuccino.

The Earl Grey Cake has a rich Earl Grey fragrance. The cake layers were dense and moist. I tasted some coconut shred in the cake too. It was quite well done though I would prefer a little less cream. Maybe a three layers or even two would be great.

My Cappuccino
My Cappuccino

The coffee was decent with a full body, high aroma and acidity. It has some spice hint.

Personally, I think Bucktile St Cafe is after all a fine choice for coffee and cakes.

Bucktile St Cafe
104 Faber Drive Singapore 129412
Tel: +65 6566 7058


Opening Hours

Sunday – Wednesday 1000 to 2200; Friday – Saturday 1000 to 0000; Closed on Thursday

Getting There

By Bus:
– alight at Infinti or opp Infiniti along AYE 97, 154, 197, 198

(There is a small path, next to the bus stop opposite The Infiniti, leading to Faber Terrace. Walk straight till the end and

Rating: 7/10


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