Milk & Honey, Yogurt Parfait, At City Square Mall

One after another frozen yogurt stores is up and running in Singapore. This round, it is the Milk & Honey, set out of a kiosk at Level 2 of City Square Mall.

The colour theme is mainly yellow with some black and white. Lots of cushy chairs, pretty comfy.

Besides the yogurt parfait, Milk & Honey serves some delicious looking cakes too and of course some coffee as well.

Yogurt Parfait Menu
Yogurt Parfait Menu

Still in the soft launch so only three signature parfaits are available; Matcha, Royal Honey and Healthy Mix.

Design Your Own Parfait
Design Your Own Parfait

Alternatively, you can Design your own Parfait. Meantime, it is still not available.

Royal Honey
Royal Honey

I was keen to try the Royal Honey. There are quite a number of toppings on the Parfait. Right on the top is the White Chocolate Parfait, a White Chocolate Biscuit Stick and an Orange Chip. Honey Popcorn surrounded the yogurt. In the middle layer of the yogurt, there are tiny cube of Honey Crystal Jelly and Crunchy Crumble (like biscuit) at the bottom layer. Lots of toppings and crunch.

The most important question, how does it fare? The yogurt is a little sourish, not as creamy, litter in taste. For the Royal Honey creation, I didn’t taste the honey taste that I was anticipating. It is very much in its original yogurt taste with lots of crunch.


I tried the Matcha Signature Parfait on another occassion. The frozen yogurt is creamier this round. Though the creation is known as Matcha but is lacking in Matcha flavour.

In short, I think it is not too bad, certainly not the best. I will return to try the cake.

Milk & Honey
180 Kitchener Road #02-K14 Singapore Singapore 208539
Tel: +65 6834 3040


Opening Hours


Getting There

By MRT: North-East line – Farrer Road station

Rating: 7/10


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