Honey Creme, Softserve The Latest Trend Food, Serving At Somerset 313

Honey Creme has landed in Singapore with its first outlet settled at Orchard, Somerset 313. I am a little confused with its origin as some says Korea and some says Taiwan. Anyway, if it is good food, it doesn’t really matter where it is from, as long as they are in Singapore.

I was very excited when I first heard about Honey Creme coming to Singapore. I even posted about it on NAHMJ Facebook Page.  It is an ice cream that lots of people has been raving about. I must find out for myself.

Honey Comb
Honey Comb

I went to check it out on the second day of its official opening, a Monday at about 4.45pm. The wait wasn’t that bad, about 20 minutes.

What does Honey Creme served? Basically, they served Vanilla Softserve Ice Cream with various toppings. You can have it in a cup or a cone. You can have the original with no toppings, Honey Comb, Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy Affogato, Affogato, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Beans and for something different, you can go for Organic Mixed Grains. As an option, you can have the macaroons and the Honeycomb as extra toppings. For the detailed menu with pictures, click here.

My first try was the Honey Comb which is, I think is, Honey Creme signature item. There is another creation known as Comb Honey. Honey Comb has a piece of Honey Comb while Comb Honey has the fluid Honey drizzled on the softserve.

Popcorn & Organic Cotton Candy Affogato
Popcorn & Organic Cotton Candy Affogato

On the second visit, I was there on a Sunday at about 11.45am. This round, my wait was under 10 minutes. I was feeling greedy so I have both the Popcorn and the Organic Cotton Candy Affogato. From the name, it is obvious, the Popcorn is with Caramel Popcorn topping with Caramel sauce drizzled by the side of the cup. While the Organic Cotton Candy Affogato is with espresso poured into the softserve and topped with a Cotton Candy.

The Soft Cream is indeed very smooth and creamy and lightly sweetened. It is of pretty high standard.  It’s a pity that the standard vary. It tasted better on the second occasion. The soft cream was more flavourful. My first favourite is the Organic Cotton Candy Affogato, followed by the Popcorn and my least favourite is the Honey Comb.

If you are keen to try Honey Creme ASAP but wanted to avoid the queue, go during off peak hours. On weekends, go before 1pm while on weekdays, I suspect the off peak is around 2 – 5.30pm. If you are lucky, the queue will be under 10 minutes. But December School Holidays coming, that will be a different story all together. Anyway, I will be trying the Dark Chocolate and Organic Mixed Grains next, before the School Holidays started.

Honey Creme
313 @ Somerset, #01-37, 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6884 8468

Opening Hours

Daily 1100 to 2200

Getting There

By MRT: North South line – Somerset station

By Bus:
– alight at Somerset Station along Somerset Road – 7. 14, 14e, 16, 36, 65, 77, 106, 111, 123, 124, 128, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174, 175, 190, 700, 700A, 971E
– alight at Midpoint Orchard along Orchard Road – 7, 14, 14e, 16, 65, 106, 111, 123, 175, 502
– alight opposite Mandarin Orchard along Orchard Road – 36, 77, 124, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174, 190, 518, 700, 700A

Rating: 8/10


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