The Holqa Cafe At East Coast Road, Homely

The word Holqa is not in English language but in Maltese which means link. The Holqa Cafe is a new kid on the block along the stretch of shophouses at East Coast Road where all the famous and good eats gather. They started with a few days of soft launch before their official opening on 16 November.

Overview of Interior
Overview of Interior

Holqa Cafe has a very strategic location, as they are right in front of a bus stop. The cafe has only about 20 odd seating capacity, considerably small. The design is very much like home with small little ornaments and photos placed, making it much cosines feel.

As a cafe, there is definitely the standard coffee drinks with some other drinks such as tea (Allerines Tea, Milk Tea, Mango Tea, Iced Tea) among others. There is a varied food selection; pasta, brioche selection, sandwiches, burger, small bites and Egg Benedicts.

I was delighted to find a table of cakes and pastries which were all made in-house.

Asian Pulled Pork with 3 Cheeses
Asian Pulled Pork with 3 Cheeses

I was keen to try the Asian Pulled Pork with 3 Cheeses served on a Bagel with some Gingered Mayonnaise and spiced french fries as sides. It sounded extremely delish and rich. The portion was considerable big. It is a tasty dish contributed by the cheeses and Ginger Mayonnaise. It blended very well with the marinated pulled pork. The fries were lightly spiced with quite some potato taste. I enjoyed. It would be perfect if they have served with some salad.


The coffee is high in acidity, medium bodied with riped cherry and spiced flavour note. I would rate it as decent but not to my taste palette as I am not quite used to coffee with high acidity.

Cakes, From top to bottom: Earl Grey Citrus & Thai Milk Tea Pound Cakes
Cakes, From top to bottom: Earl Grey Citrus & Thai Milk Tea Pound Cakes

Since the cakes are made inhouse, I couldn’t resist not to try. I was in fact very full so I have them takeaway. All their cakes and pastries were very delish looking. I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted but randomly got the Earl Grey Citrus and Thai Milk Tea Pound Cake. The texture were soft and moderately dense and very flavourful. I like the Thai Milk Tea very much.

I am certain I will return specially for the cakes.

The Holqa Cafe
37 East Coast Road Singapore 428755
Tel: +65 9068 6142


Opening Hours

Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday 1200 to 2100; Friday – Saturday 1200 to 2200; Closed on Mondays

Getting There

By Bus:
– alight after Katong Shopping Centre (opp Roxy Square) or at Roxy Square – 10, 10e, 12, 14, 14e, 32, 40

Rating: 7.5/10


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