Chotto Matte, Modern Japanese Restaurant At Blair Road

Since I got to know that Chotto Matte has started to serve lunch with set menu, I have been trying to pop over to try but it has not been quite successful due to the rain. Finally, the opportunity came.


Chotto Matte does not have the usual Japanese decoration cum setting. Instead it has a modern looking decoration, very much like contemporary, I suppose. With nice orange for the wall which gives a warm feeling to the restaurant.

There are a total of 5 different lunch set menu catering to different budget and preference.

Ala Carte is also available. On the Ala Carte, you can find some pretty Western dishes such as the pasta, Foie Gras, Lamb Rack which I suppose, it will be some Japanese Fusion dishes.

My purpose at Chotto Matte was to try out their Lunch Menu so surely I am going for it. Out of the 5 menu, there are 2 six-courses set lunch to choose from. The difference between the two was the Main; either Pork Belly and Garlic Fried Rice or Wagyu Tamago Don. I was in the mood for Pork so naturally I went with the Fried Rice.


First course was the appetizer and it was some chopped octopus Sashimi in some savoury sauce with a little hint of chilli spiciness. It was pretty appetising.

Sashimi (5 types)
Sashimi (5 types)

Followed by Sashimi; there were 5 different types. All were very fresh. There were Octopus, some kind of shell fish, tuna, salmon and one other which I have no idea what it was, all I know was I like the taste and texture. lol.

Yakimono (2 pieces of Kaki Mentaiyaki)
Yakimono (2 pieces of Kaki Mentaiyaki)

The third course was Yakimono (Grilled or Pan Fried dish). It came with 2 pieces of Kaki Metaiyaki (oysters) with some cheese like taste on top of the oysters. It was awesome. The oysters was so sweet and the rufescent savoury top enhances the whole experience.

For the Musihmono (steamed dish), it was a soup, Signature Dobinmushi. The soup was excellent, it has both the sweetish flavour from the vegetable and seafood and not at all fishy. I saw some leek, mushroom, fish, octopus and a scallop in the soup, lots of ingredients. Though I am not a soup “drinker”, I enjoy the soup very much. One of the best so far.

Main, Kagoshima Pork Belly and Garlic Fried Rice
Main, Kagoshima Pork Belly and Garlic Fried Rice

It was time for the main. In fact, after the soup, I was filled to brim. But as I like the Japanese Garlic Fried Rice and was in the mood for pork, no way I was going to miss this. Interestingly, the garlic and egg flavours were more concentrated when the dish was cooler. It was flavourful and pork belly was tender.

Dessert, Yuzu Ice Cream
Dessert, Yuzu Ice Cream

Lastly, I ended my meal with a dessert. I added $2 for the premium ice cream (which they called flavoured ice cream). There were Matcha, Sesame and Yuzu to choose from and from the photo I am sure you already knew about my choice. The Yuzu was not too sweet, a good balance of sourish and sweet. There were some Yuzu bite to give the extra texture and extra Yuzu flavour. It was fantastic.

My lunch at Chotto Matte, on a Monday, certainly has removed all the blues. I enjoyed the food, service and the ambience. Food was certainly delish. I am keen to try their grilled items, sushi and yakitori on my next visit. Perhaps, I will do dinner next.


Chotto Matte
54 Blair Road Singapore 089954
Tel: +65 6222 8846


Opening Hours

Daily 1130 to 0000 (Last order for lunch 2pm)

Getting There

By Bus:
– alight after Jalan Bukit Merah or aft Blair Road along Kampong Bahru Road – 61, 124, 120, 143, 147, 166, 167, 196, 197, 961

By MRT: East-West line or North East line – Outram Park station (Exit F)

Rating: 8/10


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