Delightful Signatures, Dessert With Modern Twist At Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza with only a ground floor of shops, congregated a number of eateries, such as Merely for ice cream, Victor’s Kitchen (now known as Regal) for Dim Sum, Parklane Wanton Mee and Oven Marvel for Chicken Pie. An addition is Delightful Signatures for Chinese desserts with a twist.


Delightful Signatures serves mainly desserts with a modern twist, though there are a few mains such as noodles with either Smoked Duck, Smoked Salmon or Crab leg. There are some cookies and other beverages too.


A total of 8 desserts are served in Delightful Signatures. Their desserts are on the healthier end and are with some health benefits too. Some support heart health, digestion, sleep, nervous system and so on. Look out for the icons that are next to the dishes.

Menu at a glance
Menu at a glance

I was tempted to try everything that are on the menu.

Avocado with Walnut Ice Cream
Avocado with Walnut Ice Cream

I started with the Avocado with Walnut Ice Cream. Something which I don’t usually order as I fancy neither Avocado or Walnut. The dessert were served in very bright coloured bowls. The Avocado cream is smooth, light, refreshing and full of Avocado goodness. But I find the taste weird when it is eaten together with the Walnut Ice Cream. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it is no good, just that I am not used to the taste yet. It could be an acquired taste, I suppose. I like the extra crunch from the chopped walnut that they sprinkle on the top.

 Yam Paste with Almond Cream Served in Young Coconut
Yam Paste with Almond Cream Served in Young Coconut

Followed by the Yam Paste with Almond Cream Served in Young Coconut. I never like Almond Cream but thought this combination interesting. To my surprise, I like this. The Almond Cream and Yam Paste provided not only an interesting and unique combination but also an unexpected delish creation. The almond cream is lightly in flavour, not very strong while the yam paste is smooth and tasty. And it is slightly sweetish. There were also some shredded coconut flesh added to provide an extra texture. This is truly amazing. On a side note, I will still not eat Almond Cream on its own, except for this dish, when it is with Yam Paste. 😛

The desserts at Delightful Signatures are on the lighter end, it is not heavy with strong flavours and slightly sweetish so it tend to be healthier. I will be back to finish trying all that are on its menu. LOL!


Delightful Signatures
91 Bencoolen Street #01-59, Sunshine Plaza Singapore, Singapore 189652


Opening Hours


Getting There

By MRT: Circle line – Bras Basah station

By Bus:
– alight opp Prime Centre along Middle Road – 56, 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 166, 857

– alight at Peace Centre along Selegie Road – 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 166, 857

– alight at Rendezvous Hotel ong Bras Basah Road – 7, 14, 14e, 16, 36, 77, 106, 111, 124, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174e, 175, 190, 502, 502A, 518, 518A

– alight at Manualife Centre along Bras Basah Road – 131, 147, 166, 857

Rating: 7.5/10


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