Compound Coffee At Interlace, So …

Compound Coffee is newly opened within the Interlace, that is a condominium along Depot Road which was formerly the Gillmans Height Condominium.

I saw their Facebook page and knew they are having a soft launch with 50% off for food and drinks from 19 – 25 Nov and was excited so decided to dropped by for lunch on their first day. Unfortunately, I was told by the security at the guardhouse that the cafe is not opened to public. In short, I was denied access. I wrote on Compound Coffee Facebook Page and they responded to say they are working on it and apologised for it and offered coffee and pastry on the house on my next visit and they said they will let me know when it is settled.

After 2 days, I read about some getting access and in addition, Compound Coffee expressed their gratitude to those who turned up and as I did not hear from them, I wrote on their page again to ask about the status and at the same time expressed my displeasure. This round they responded saying that the cafe is not opened to public at this moment and requested that I do not make another wasted trip or attempt to “sneaked in” and I have checked with Interlace and the same is confirmed. With these facts, I am shocked that they are not putting up the announcement on their page to avoid more patrons from turning up with disappointment and inconvenience.

Personally, I felt Compound Coffee is not sincere about their apology and not planning any remedy for those who wanted to support them but got turned away.

Compound Coffee has mis-managed their marketing, opening and of the whole incidents. The upmost important task for Compound Coffee is to put up the announcement to inform that they are not opened to public. And to do something for all those who are sincere about supporting them but got denied.

In a nutshell, Compound Coffee is so insincere.


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