Cafe Aoyama Collaborative At Upper Bukit Timah

Cafe Aoyama Collaborative is a Japanese feel cafe in Upper Bukit Timah.

Another view
Another view

The interior is very much modern with lots of Japanese touches. A few couches were scattered at different corners of the cafe. The space was pretty big, comfy with a sense of elegant.

Even the menu, it is very much Japanese dishes. There are also some Fresh Cream Crepes and for drinks, you can find coffee, tea and beer.

I ordered the Teriyaki Amberjack Don and I wanted very much to try the Fried Udon too, will leave it for next round. The Amberjack is a fish with firm texture. The teriyaki sauce is lightly coated on the surface of the thick Amberjack. Some slices of preserved ginger was added on the rice. I find it very delish to eat it together with the ginger. The fish is certainly fresh and tasty.

Teriyaki Amberjack Don
Teriyaki Amberjack Don

While the coffee is medium to low acidity, medium body and aroma. It has a spice flavour note.


l like the feel of the cafe as it wasn’t at all crowded even on a Sunday afternoon. Food is pretty decent with reasonable pricing since it is nett; inclusive of GST and no service charge.


Cafe Aoyama Collorative
16 Chun Tin Road Singapore 599603


Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday 1100 to 2300; Closed on Mondays

Getting There

By Bus:
– alight opposite Beauty World Centre along Jalan Anak Bukit or along Upper Bukit Timah Road 67, 75, 170, 171, 173, 184, 852, 961

Rating: 7.5/10


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