Coffee Jamming By Three Cups Coffee Co

Over the weekend, I attended an event, Coffee Jamming, organised by Three Cups Coffee Co. It was a fun-filled session with knowledge and of course tons of caffeine and food.

This was the first session in celebration of their Head Barista, Teo Hao Shin bagged 2nd at the Singapore Aeropress Competition. Three Cups Coffee offerred the first 10 registrants free seats and I was the lucky 5th.

Before the events, Three Cups Coffee has been posting about the events to give participants some heads up of the activites which I find it excellent. At least, we know what to expect and I was excited about it.

Free Cappuccinno At the Start of the Event
Free Cappuccinno At the Start of the Event

On the day, it was raining with thunderstorm. At that moment, I kinda regretted for signing up as I dislike going out in the rain. Anyway, I proceeded as plan and was glad that I did. I arrived about 15 minutes earlier, and about 15% of participants were already seated comfortably.

Three Cups Coffee was very thoughtful, they welcomed the participants at registration with warm Chocolate Banana Cakes and a free cup of coffee, any coffee, just ordered straight from their Barista. Woohoo!! This really helped to warm us up and gear us up.

Darren giving a talk on Role of A Roasters
Darren giving a talk on Role of A Roasters

There were four parts to the Coffee Jamming session. The first was a short talk about the role of the roasters by Darren from Necessary Provision which is also the roaster for Three Cups Coffee. Darren shared with the group little stories about how he came up with the various blend and how he drew inspiration. As Darren talked about a particular coffee, Three Cups Coffee started serving the participants with espresso of that particular beans that he was talking about.

Teo doing the Aeropress Demo
Teo doing the Aeropress Demo

Right after Darren, we have the star of the event, of course that is Teo, performing the Areopress. Now I know what is an Areopress, how is it done and what you could expect from the cup of Areopress coffee. And of course, we get to drink the Arepress coffee prepared by Teo. See more coffee.

Next, it was their second barista, Zack, performing the Syphon. During both the areopress and Syphon demonstration, they invited participants to try as well. And they were very generous, sharing their recipe on how to make a good cup of areopress and Syphon coffee. Likewise, Syphon coffee for the audience to try.

Zack performing the Syphon
Zack performing the Syphon

Since it was almost lunch time, Three Cups Coffee Co prepared lovely delish sandwiches to fill our hungry stomach.

Lastly, which I am most keen, pouring a perfect Latte Art. Now is time to introduce their last barista of the day, Danish. He together with Teo performed the Latte Art demo and of course provided us with tips on the how. Danish did a heart, a tulip; both simple designs. Next, we were allowed hands on. I won’t give this a miss.

First Attempt of Latte Art
First Attempt of Latte Art

I was pretty nervous and at the same thrilled. We were advised to do the heart as it was the easiest and the basic as well. But I was a little ambitious. I did something else. The result of my first attempt? A pretty decent Tulip. Lol!! Looks like I have some talent in this area too.

To sum up the event. Personally I feel that Coffee Jamming is a great session for cafe hopper like me who knows mainly the espresso based coffee. This session helped me to understand 2 other brewing methods. The science behind, the skill, the recipe used and the result. Importanly, they used plain simple English with no technical jargons throughout the session. I value such delivery. Besides gaining valuable knowledges, I enjoyed the hands on session and the food and of course shots after shots of espresso, cups after cups of coffee. In addition, I think it is very timely as Singapore is getting more and more cafe. It is time for cafehopper to gain some insight knowledge of coffee so that we are able to identify the better coffee and keep the cafe standard in Singapore high. Thank you Three Cups Coffee for the wonderful Coffee Jamming session. I am looking forward to their other events such as Coffee Appreciation or even Home Brewing or the Professional Baristas course.

Three Cups Coffee Co
1 Raffles Place #04-31 One Raffles Place Mall Singapore 048616
Tel: +65 6438 4108


Disclaimer: Photos of the presenters and event banner are courtesy of Three Cups Coffee Co. Nevertheless, this is not an advertisement but purely my experience. I wasn’t requested by Three Cups Coffee or given any fee for this post.


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