The Laneway Market At Tanjong Katong

The Laneway Market, a cafe, is another recent addition to Tanjong Katong. Though the address is Tanjong Katong Road, you won’t be able to spot the cafe along the main road. The cafe is facing Boscombe Road, a lane off Tanjong Katong Road.


The cafe is mainly on the Scandinavian theme and a vintage feature wall. I like the homely feel very much. I dropped by the cafe twice; once to try the breakfast and the other time to try the lunch.

The Laneway Market offers three main menu. One for Breakfast.

Breakfast Menu
Breakfast Menu

One for Lunch.

Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu

And Dinner. Two others; a snack & soup and the last a Beverage menu.

Beverages Menu
Beverages Menu

I tried the French Toast from the Breakfast Menu as I was in the mood for something sweet. I dislike baked beans but was hoping that this dish would change my perception.

French Toast
French Toast

When it was served, I almost acclaimed aloud “Oh No!!” as the baked beans were sandwiched between the Brioche Toast, together with the Bacon (another item which I don’t fancy). The consolation was they were generous with the Maple Syrup, almost a full small jug. Nevertheless, I still went ahead to try with an open mind. Hopefully I didn’t deceive myself. šŸ˜› I didn’t enjoy theĀ dish as I find the tomato sauce from the beans and the maple syrup didn’t go well together. The mixed for the toast wasn’t as good as some other cafe that I have tried too.

Dashi Risotto
Dashi Risotto

At my second trip, I tried the Dashi Risotto from the Lunch Menu. I was contemplating between this and the Gambas Soba and I decided on theĀ Risotto anyhow. The reason? Maybe I like the description of the dish. It goes “Arborio rice cooked in stock of kombu and dried bonito, bay scallops, thyme infused mushrooms, sous vide egg”. It sounded very much like a flavourful dish with the essence of seafood. However, it was to some disappointment in terms of taste. It tasted very much like a vegetarian dish. It wasn’t as flavourful as my expectation. I thought I saw scallop as part of the description but I didn’t see any. In addition, I find the rice a little under cooked.


The two drinks I tried was the Cappuccino and Iced Earl Grey. The coffee was with a medium to full body and the taste was pretty intense with mainly a nutty flavour note and lightly spiced, almost like a dark roast but to my surprised, I was informed by the barista that it was a medium roast.

Iced Earl Grey Latte
Iced Earl Grey Latte

The other drink was the Iced Earl Grey Latte. It wasn’t too sweet so that was the right sweetness for me.

I like the variety of dishes offered by The Laneway Market and the presentation, they were absolutely awesome but somehow I felt it falls a little under my expectation. Will I return to The Laneway Market? I guess I will, as the food isn’t that bad, pretty delish after all. Maybe it is just about personal preference here.


Laneway Market
266 Tanjong Katong Road SingaporeĀ 437053
Tel: +65Ā 6719 8832


Opening Hours

Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday 1000 to 2130; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 2130; Closed on Wednesday

Getting There

By Bus:
ā€“ alight at or opp Tanjong Katong Girlā€™sĀ School along Tanjong Katong Road 10, 31, 32, 40, 43, 76, 135, 197, 401

By MRT: East-West line or Circle line ā€“ Paya Lebar station

Rating: 7/10


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