Cafe Mojito In Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

When you thought there is enough of cafe popping across Singapore, there you have one more cafe, Cafe Mojito, added to Ang Mo Kio vicinity.

Food Menu
Food Menu

The Mains offered in Cafe Mojito isn’t the most interesting. In fact, after scrutinized it closely, I thought something which I might be keen was the Black Agus Beefballs but I didn’t feel like having beef that day so I looked hard at the menu for something and found Cranberry Walnut or Herb Focaccia  Toast. So that was my Main for a Sunday lunch.

Beverages Menu
Beverages Menu

As usual, I can’t miss out on my Cappuccino.

Cakes Display
Cakes Display

The first centre piece of attraction for me in the cafe was the neatly displayed, delish looking cakes over the counter. There were Muffins to its right too. I wanted to have them all. But finally I relented to only the Carrot Cake.

But, after ordering, my eyes glanced through the dessert section of the menu and I saw Coconut Pannacotta and it has Gula Melaka. Very quickly, I added on and requested for my Carrot Cake to be packed for take away.

Cranberry Walnut Toast
Cranberry Walnut Toast

ln fact, I couldn’t decide between the Cranberry Walnut Toast and the Herb Focaccia as I like both. I should have asked for a mixture so that I could have the best of both world. Hehe. The Cranberry Walnut Toast was certainly soft with a crispy crust. There was a good amount of Cranberry and Walnut though I don’t mind more of them. It was served with Blueberry Mamalade which I rather call it simply jam and Olive Tapenade. The amount was just enough for all the Toasts. The Blueberry Jam was neither sweetish nor sourish. In fact, it was rather bland with slight Blueberry fragrant and good amount of the Blueberry fruit. I like the Olive Tapenade best. I think it will go better with the Herb Focaccia.

Coconut Pannacotta
Coconut Pannacotta

It was a little disappointing that my dessert was served while I was at the start of my Main when I have asked for the dessert to be served only later. Anyway … Both the Pulut Hitam and the Panna Cotta was hardly sweetish. It would have been better if the Panna Cotta could be more flavourful with peharps Coconut. The best part of the dessert was the Gula Melaka. Once again, I finished till the last drop. Can I have more of the Gula Melaka the next time I order? 😛


My cappuccino was dispensed fully from an automated Coffee Machine. The look tells it all. It was full body, low acidity with a little bitter after taste.

Carrot Cake, Take Away
Carrot Cake, Take Away

Lastly, the Carrot Cake. I found it very much of a home-made taste. It was soft and fluffy and slightly sweetish and the spice was pretty adequate. There was a thick swirl of Cream Cheese Frosting which I like.

The food whipped by Cafe Mojito though was delish, certainly I find rooms for improvement. Service was friendly, warm and polite. When I return, I want to try the Sticky Date Pudding and Black Angus Beefball and of course its Muffins and more cakes.

Cafe Mojito
Block 338 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-1647 Singapore 338
Tel: +65 9647 8318


Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday 1000 to 2100; Saturday – Sunday 0830 to 2100; Closed on Mondays

Getting There

By Bus:
– alight opp Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex or at Teck Ghee Centre along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 – 133, 136, 262

Rating: 7/10

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