Les Delices At Kreta Ayer Road

Les Délices, a little gem, a French Patisserie has descended upon Chinatown. It came to me as a surprise, a good one, I wouldn’t have thought or rather imagine one to be in such a Chinese populated or cultural area. If my limited French did not fail me, délices has a meaning of delicious, delight. It is so apt for such a lovely, elegant cake shop.

On the display, there were 8 types of cakes and pastries. There were 3 Choux and the remaining were cakes; 2 Chocolate selection, 2 fruity cakes and a Cheesecake. Out of the 8, I bought 4 home to share.

Lemon Strawberry Rosette
Lemon Strawberry Rosette

First, we tried the Lemon Strawberry Rosette. Both Lemon and Strawberry are sourish fruit so you can imagine how sour can this cake be. So if you does not like sourish stuff, this is a “No! No!” for you. It garnered only 50% of likes in my family.

Choco Nana
Choco Nana

The Choco Nana, from the name it suggested two ingredients. The Choco refers to the Chocolate while Nana refers to the Banana. My sister didn’t degust this at all, as Banana is her enmity.

Earl Grey Milk Tea Choux
Earl Grey Milk Tea Choux

l got only a Choux. There were Matcha, Chocolate and Earl Grey Milk Tea Choux and I got the latter. The choux pastry was slightly chewy while the cream has a very nice fragrance of Earl Grey Tea. We enjoyed this pastry.

Popping Berry Cheesecake
Popping Berry Cheesecake

Lastly, the Popping Berry Cheesecake. It has a lightly cheese flavour and full of berries goodness. The uniqueness about this cake is the Popping Candy, sugar-like crystals, mixed in the biscuit base, popped in the mouth with a sizzling sensation. The entire cake tasted more of a sweet berry than cheese flavour.


Les Délices offers some dine-in option as well, not a lot and so there is a bare space.

Beverage Menu
Beverage Menu

And as such, they offer beverages. The Cold Brew is getting popular. First we have it for Coffee, now we are getting it for Tea and this is on their menu. I might try it when I dine-in the next time.

Personally, I find that Les Délices offers some of the prettiest and delish cake. We enjoyed the cakes and I am hoping to see more unique creation coming from them.

Les Délices
Block 333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-14 Singapore Singapore 080333
Tel: +65 6536 8087


Opening Hours

Sunday – Monday 1200 to 1700; Wednesday – Saturday 1200 to 2130; Closed on Tuesday

Getting There

By Bus:
– alight opp Blk 333 along Kreta Ayer Road 80, 145

– alight at Maxwell Road Food Centre along South Bridge Road 80, 145

– alight before the Pinnacle @ Duxton along Neil Road – 61, 166, 197;

– alight at Pearl’s Center along Eu Tong Seng – 54, 124, 143, 147, 166, 190, 851, 970, CT8, CT18, CT28

– alight opp Pearl’s Center along New Bridge Road – 2, 12, 33, 54, 63, 124, 143, 147, 190, 851, 961, 961C, 970, CT8, CT18, CT28

Rating: 8/10


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