Montana Brew Bar At PoMo In Selegie

Montana Brew Bar is a cafe located at the ground floor of PoMo, in Selegie serving chiefly Waffles and Coffee.

Food Menu
Food Menu

There are good selection of Waffles both sweet and savoury. Some of which are pretty interesting too.

I like their coffee selection as Montana offers three cups; the espresso based coffee, Pourover and Aeropress with 4 beans types.

Coffee Menu
Coffee Menu

Though among these you could also find Salads and Sandwiches & Burgers and other drinks like tea too.

I visited the Cafe twice before coming up with this post as I didn’t have a good experience with the cafe at the first visist. So I wanted to find out if that was a one-off case as they were serving some invited bloggers at their cafe that day. Too bad, I wasn’t one of them. Hehe.

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich with Wasabi Slaw
Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich with Wasabi Slaw

At my first visit, I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich with Wasabi Slaw and the Cappuccino. The Cappuccino was served swiftly but I waited for almost 30 minutes for my Main. It was too long a wait especially for lunch. And with such a long wait, I was expecting it to be an awesome one but my Waffle (the bottom half) was quite char. The burnt taste was awful. The top half with some part extremely crispy but others soggy, as it soaked up the salad dressing.

Cappuccino with Montana Houseblend
Cappuccino with Montana Houseblend

For the Cappuccino, the latte art was pretty disappointing. I was advised to have my Cappuccino with the Monatana Houseblend which I did. It has a medium to full body and medium to low acidity with fruity tones and dark chocolate notes.

Waffle Suzette
Waffle Suzette

At my second visit, I tried the Waffle Suzette. The waffle was extremely crispy with a very slight burnt aroma. For those who really loves ultra crispy waffle, this is definitely for you. I fall in love with the lemongrass with orange sauce. It paired off perfectly.

Pourover with Ethiopia YirgaCheffe Beans
Pourover with Ethiopia YirgaCheffe Beans

What amaze me was my Pourover choice of Ethiopia YirgaCheffe Beans, it was an awesome choice to couple with the Waffle Suzette. As the YirgaCheffe has a nice sweet lemongrass flavour with some stone fruit notes that went really well with the waffle.

The waiting time for my second visit was a good 25 minutes. In general, I think it is a little too long a wait for lunch. But foodwise, it was pretty delish though the standard wasn’t too consistent for now. Since I am seeing an improvement in food quality in my second visit, I will visit again probably with my brother as he is a big waffle fan and let’s see what his verdict would be.

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road #01-04 POMO Singapore 188306
Tel: +65 9833 1790

Opening Hours

Daily 0800 to 1800

Getting There

By MRT: North-South line, North-East line and Circle line – Dhoby Ghaut station

By Bus:
– alight at NTUC Income Prinsep House along Selegie Road – 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 166, 857
– alight opp Prime Centre along Middle Road – 56, 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 166, 857
– alight at Rendezvous Hotel ong Bras Basah Road – 7, 14, 14e, 16, 36, 77, 106, 111, 124, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174e, 175, 190, 502, 502A, 518, 518A
– alight at Manualife Centre along Bras Basah Road – 131, 147, 166, 857

Rating: 7/10


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