Chicken Legend (传奇叶子鸡) At Upper East Coast Road

When I saw the name “Chicken Legend” from the email invite sent by the owner Jasper, a young entrepreneur, I thought it was a Fast Food Restaurant specialises in Fried or Grilled Chicken meal. But it turned out to be offering a new concept of Steamed Boat, Coconut Water Steamboat. This is a first in Singapore. I was elated with this idea as I always like trying new things. And so I accepted the invitation and went down for the degustation with a friend.

Chicken Legend offers various steamboat set which is good for two. There are Chicken, Seafood and Meat Set catering to different preferences. You might also notice a Small Set in the menu, this is suitable for the small appetites, especially when the meal is shared by 2 ladies.

Set Menu
Set Menu

If you like more ingredients in your steamboat, you could always add on individual ingredients or go for the combo as an alternative.

Menu (Combo and Add-on)
Menu (Combo and Add-on)

At Chicken Legend, they uses Kampong Chicken and Shabu Shabu Meat. The specialty in Chicken Legend is Kampong Chicken with 100% Coconut Water Broth so I would strongly recommend that you should get a Chicken or Small Set for a start with 100% Coconut Water as broth.

Coconut Water
Coconut Water

When I saw the broth, so light, to the extend of colourless. The look is as good as tap water, I was rather skeptical about how good it will turn out. It turned out to be amazing, with just simply coconut water and a pinch of salt, no additional sugar or MSG. Wow!! Looks can be deceiving at many times.

Small Set
Small Set

Since I went with a girlfriend, we have the Small Set, there were Kampong Chicken, Prawns, Golden Mushroom, Mushroom Balls, Corn and some Chinese Cabbages. As we were so hungry, we have an additional add-on of the Meat Combo. In it, there were Beef and Pork Shabu Shabu Meat and Luncheon Meat and Hotdog.

Meat Combo
Meat Combo

In case you have a stronger palate and would love some dips for the meat, Chicken Legend also offers some Homemade Soy Sauce dip with lime and garlic and chilli padi for the spice lover. We were advise to squeeze in one lime to the soy sauce and add the preferred amount of chilli padi and chopped garlic into it. I like the dip, it was so refreshing and most importantly appetising.

Condiments and Homemade Soy Sauce
Condiments and Homemade Soy Sauce

We added all the ingredients into the Coconut Water broth and was advised to leave the prawns aside first. The result of the Steamboat was a sweet sweet Vegetable Chicken Soup. I was taken aback by the outcome.

Towards the end of our meal, when the prawns were added, the soup was transformed into another awesome flavour. You need to try it. And to complete the meal, we have some Glass Noodles (Dong Fen). The other options available are Rice and Mee Hoon. My friend and I enjoyed the meal and it was certainly filling.

Coconut Water Steamed Boat with Cooked Food
Coconut Water Steamed Boat with Cooked Food

Chicken Legend have options of different percentage of Coconut juice for the broth too, in case you prefer a stronger Chicken Soup Base.

Soup Broth Option
Soup Broth Option

In a nutshell, though I am not a Steamboat fan, I enjoyed the food. And without doubt, my friend did as well. We will certainly return to savour Chicken Legend’s Coconut Steamboat again.

Promotion for NAHMJ's Readers
Promotion for NAHMJ’s Readers

Chicken Legend has also kindly offered a promotion for NAHMJ’s reader with a complimentary plate of Beef when you dine with them. Either quote “NAHMJ” or show the above image “Promotion for NAHMJ’s Readers” when you order.

Last but not least, I would like to express my thanks to Chicken Legend for hosting us. “Thank you!”

Chicken Legend (传奇叶子鸡)
15 Upper East Coast Road Singapore 455207
Tel: +65 8551 8851 / 9295 0650


Opening Hours

Daily 1730 to 1100 (Last order 2230)

Getting There

By Bus:
– alight at Crescendo Building or Opp Goodwill Centre 10, 10e, 12, 13, 14, 14e, 16

Rating: 8/10

*This is a food tasting invite.


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2 thoughts on “Chicken Legend (传奇叶子鸡) At Upper East Coast Road”

  1. “…especially when the meal is shared by 2 ladies”
    Just curious, why do you use the word ‘ladies’ when you are referring simply to women? Have you ever used ‘gentlemen’ when you talk about men?

    1. Hi Justpassingy,
      Thanks for the interesting comment. Personal preference I guess. And I don’t see why we cannot use gentlemen as well. Maybe you could enlighten me in this aspect.

      Michelle (NAHMJ)

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