Fatcat Ice Cream Bar At Bedok North Avenue 2

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar was opened on 1 January this year and I knew about Fatcat Ice Cream Bar when they were in preparation and was following them closely. But it was only after two months, that I found the time to visit them. It was like finally, I did it.

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is very marketing-savvy and have created a storm as they invited lots of famous Instagrammer to savour their creation before their official opening. As a result, lots of amazing looking photos were posted. And after two full months of operation, there were still lots of photos on Instagram and were looking awesome.


The menu on Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is extremely small. There are only 2 plated desserts each day, one sphere and the other was some creation (similar to the ones offered by Selfish Gene Patisserie). And of course you get about 18 flavours of ice cream and standard beverages. In addtion, you will find Wine and Beer on the menu too. They are fame for their Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg sauce with sprinkled of dried Lavender was termed as Gourmet Waffle.

Plated Dessert Menu
Plated Dessert Menu

I was at Fatcat Ice Cream Bar on a Sunday at 1pm (1hr after their opening). I stressed the time here as I needed to be there as soon as they opened their door due to all items, except ice cream and beverages, were limited in quantity each day.

On that day, there was Banana Nutella, left with 10 while the Pina Colada Sphere was left with 20. In addition, the ice cream bar was packed with customers almost to the brim. Luckily, there were 2 seats at the bar tables. Anyway, while I was waiting for my food, I got a “normal” table.

As I was there alone, I couldn’t be trying everything on the menu despite it was limited. So I went ahead with the Gourmet Waffle and the Pina Colada Sphere.

Pina Colada Sphere
Pina Colada Sphere

Firstly, I have the Pina Colada Sphere. As the name suggested, Pina Colada mixed was stored in a jelly-like material which burst easily after popping into the mouth. This can’t be shared, so you just need to order one for each diner. I liked the moment when the sphere burst in the mouth with the Pina Colada flowing out and mingling with the tastebuds. One was not enough. I will have two the next time. 😛

Gourmet Waffle with Hay Honey Ice Cream
Gourmet Waffle with Hay Honey Ice Cream

While ordering, I was wondering which ice cream flavour would go well with the salted egg. I wanted a flavour that blend well with the salted egg sauce, not anything that will mask it. I have no idea which was the best so I just went ahead with Hay Honey, no regret. So, personally, I think anything that is light and non-fruity would go well with the Salted Egg. I think the tea flavoured ice cream would go well with salted egg too. I will try it out next.

The waffle was crispy and fluffy. The Charcoal as an ingredient also cause the waffle to be crumble-like. Besides the salted egg sauce, which I would prefer it to be stronger, there was a caramel (or maybe was toffee sauce) surrounded the waffle with some dried lavender sprinkled on it. I was surprised that the lavender went so well with the salted egg. It was remarkable.

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is certainly a gem to cafe hoppers or rather desserts lover in the East. Apart from the limited number of plated desserts offered each day, Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is awesome.

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar
Block 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25 Singapore 460416
Tel: +65 6241 0830


Opening Hours

Sunday – Monday, Wednesday – Thursday 1200 to 2200; Friday – Saturday 1200 to 1100; Closed on Tuesday

Getting There

By MRT: East-West line – Bedok station

By Bus:
– alight at or opp Blk 416 along Bedok North Ave 2 – 18, 225

– alight at Bedok Bus Interchange 7, 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 25, 26, 30, 32, 33, 35, 38, 60, 66, 69, 87, 168, 196, 197, 222, 225, 228, 229, 854

– alight at Bedok MRT station along New Upper Changi Road 2, 24, 28, 31, 67

Rating: 8/10


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