A Day At The Gold Mining Town, Ballarat

Sovereign Hill at Ballarat is a theme park with setting in the 1850s, modelled after the gold rush era, from the school to shop, to the activities and trade of that time.

Ballarat - Sovereign Hill
Ballarat – Sovereign Hill

It is about ninety minutes drive from Melbourne city.

A view of a road
A view of a road

When you entered the “town”, you will be led to the main street with lots of different shops. One of the first shop we entered was the confectionery shop selling lollies and chocolate.

As we walked further, we reached the Poppet Head, which is used as an observation tower in the park.

Poppet Head
Poppet Head

We climbed the twenty metres tall shaft to enjoy the view of Ballarat.

View from Poppet Head
View from Poppet Head

One of the highlights in Sovereign Hill is the Red Coat Soldiers. The soldiers dressed in red will parade in the “town” and then perform the firing. At the end of the performance, you can pose with these handsome soldiers for a  photograph.

Musket Firing
Musket Firing

We continued to explore the “town”. There were some interesting building in the “town”, like the Empire Bowling Saloon.

You can enjoy a game of bowling here. Everything is very primitive. Unlike our modern days, the pins are manually re-set, bowling balls are manually retrieved. You will get to do more exercises playing the bowling here.


In the town there are houses of the 1850s design, a school and on-going “classes”. We attended a “class” at the Ragged School too.

During the 19th century, people used to rear their own live stocks, you will spot birds like the turkey, animals like the goat and horses in the town.

The demonstration that you might not want to missed is the Gold Pouring. The demonstrator will show you how the gold is melted to pouring them over the mould to setting it and get the end product, gold. It is very interesting.

Other interesting activity is gold panning, try your luck at the Digging Creeks and if you are lucky, you may find gold.

There are also some other interesting building, like the Chinese quarters and the Chinese temple.

Gift Shop
Gift Shop

It is a fun attraction for the family with especially children. For adult like me, I find it very educational, getting to know the life back then and how gold were mined and how the final gold bar was made.


Sovereign Hill
Bradshaw Street, Ballarat

Opening Hours


Getting There

By Train – Ride the V/Line train from Southern Cross station and alight at Ballarat station, then transfer to the Gold Rush Special. Tickets can be purchased either online or at the V/Line sales outlet

By Car – The most convenient way to get to Sovereign Hill

Link to check out before you go:

Souvereign Hill Website

V/Line Tickets and Time Tables information


Melbourne Catholic Church Mass Schedule

In Melbourne city there are a number of Catholic Churches. I attended St Francis Church.

St Francis Church is a very beautiful church. It is the oldest Catholic Church in Victoria and oldest church on its original site.

This is the church that I attend mass whenever I am in Melbourne.

St Francis Church
326 Lonsdale Street VIC 3000
Tel: 03 9663 2495

Mass Times

Weekdays Mass: Monday – Friday 0730, 1100, 1205, 1305, 1730; Saturday 0800, 1100, 1205

Weekends Mass: Saturday Vigil 1800,
Sunday 0700, 080, 0930, 1100 (Choral), 1230, 1330, 1630, 1800
Exposition: 1430 – 1730

Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia

Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria has many Australia native animals. My friend decided to bring me to Healesville Sanctuary to introduce me to the Australia native animals.

This long legs and beak bird was trying to steal our delicious homemade lunch
This long legs and beak bird was trying to steal our delicious homemade lunch

My friend’s husband make some deep fried chicken with cheese for our lunch and we were enjoying the home-made food at Heavesville at one of the benches and a bird, in the above picture decided to have a share and kept coming to “steal” our food. The fragrance must have attracted the bird.

After our lunch, we moved on, the first animal we saw was the Kangraoo. There were different species of Kangaroo in the Sanctuary. As I did not know the various species characteristics so I couldn’t identity which is which. What attracted me was the way the Kangaroo slept, like sleeping beauty.

I was attracted by the Platypus and that was my first time seeing them. Look so cute. They swim fast and I couldn’t get them on my camera.

In all zoo, there is always some performance, no surprise in Healesville Sanctuary, there is a performance too. I managed to catch the birds in action.

Like I mentioned earlier, the main feature of Healesville Sanctuary is that they have mainly Australia natives animals so I took a few of them.

There were many birds, many which I don’t know what they are. Some of the birds were staying in the same big cage.

The last animal we saw before we left the Sanctuary was the Dingo. As we exit, the keepers were walking the Dingo. I went forward to give them a pat. They didn’t allow me to do that but when my sister was there recently, she was allowed. 😦

Healesville Sanctuary is a place for the family, especially with the little ones. For the bigger boys and girls, it is also fun to learn about the different animals. I have a great time at Healesville Sanctuary. Thanks to both Jean and Gordon for hosting.


Healesville Sanctuary
Badger Creek Rd, Healesville VIC 3777, Australia
Tel: +61 3 5957 2800

How to get there?

By Car

When to go?

Any time of the year.

Link to check out before you go:

Healesville Sanctuary