Melbourne Catholic Church Mass Schedule

In Melbourne city there are a number of Catholic Churches. I attended St Francis Church.

St Francis Church is a very beautiful church. It is the oldest Catholic Church in Victoria and oldest church on its original site.

This is the church that I attend mass whenever I am in Melbourne.

St Francis Church
326 Lonsdale Street VIC 3000
Tel: 03 9663 2495

Mass Times

Weekdays Mass: Monday – Friday 0730, 1100, 1205, 1305, 1730; Saturday 0800, 1100, 1205

Weekends Mass: Saturday Vigil 1800,
Sunday 0700, 080, 0930, 1100 (Choral), 1230, 1330, 1630, 1800
Exposition: 1430 – 1730

A Faith Tested Trip to Lourdes

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Chongqing Catholic Church Mass Schedule

I am not sure how many Catholic Church are there in Chongqing. I only know of one, Cathedral of St Joseph.

The church can’t be seen from Minsheng Road (民生路). At Minsheng Road, you have to look for a lane, Joseph Lane, which has a descending flight of steps. You will see the gate with “若瑟堂” inscripted on the top of the frame of the gate, like the one shown in the photo

Cathedral of St Joseph
Cathedral of St Joseph


Cathedral of St Joseph

1 Joseph Lane, 272 Minsheng Road, Chongqing 630010

民生沿工272号若瑟堂巷, 重庆630010

Tel: 23-63826306

Mass Time

Sunday: 0800 (Chinese)

Getting There

By Bus: 224, 268, 401, 436, 461 aliight at Chongqing Hotel

By Taxi: The easiest option.


Beijing Catholic Church Mass Schedule

There are about five catholic churches in Beijing. Most hold either Latin or Chinese mass. For English mass, only the South Church – Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin (宣武门南堂) in Xuanwu district. Below is the mass schedule

Continue reading Beijing Catholic Church Mass Schedule

Dubai Catholic Churches’s Mass Schedule

Whenever I travel, I will still try to attend mass on Sundays. At times, I have difficulties finding a catholic church as not all dioceses like Singapore publishes the various parishes mass schedule and its location.

In Dubai, as it is a Muslim nation, weekends starts on Continue reading Dubai Catholic Churches’s Mass Schedule

Parramatta Catholic Church Mass Schedule

There are about ten catholic churches in Parramatta. The diocese of Parramatta extends all the way to the Blue Mountain area from Parramatta.

I attended mass at St Patrick Cathedral. The church is splendid. Continue reading Parramatta Catholic Church Mass Schedule